Foshan City Song Yi Gas Appliance Co. Ltd is located in the Pearl River Delta land, famous "home appliances" township of Shunde District, covers an area of 20000 square meters, more than 200 employees, has a senior management personnel as the core, to the backbone of the technical team for Undergraduates

    Song Yi gas appliance has long been a family, scale and systematic development in china. The main products are: commercial drum type electric cooker, electric cooker, luxury commercial commercial electric thermos, commercial gas cooker, gas cooker, household biogas cooker, environmental protection type multipurpose steam stove, cooking stove, Lanzhou spicy soup stove double insulation. In 2007 the company introduced advanced technology in Japan, die-casting inner pot production, to fill the domestic Tedanei problem cast pot. A variety of products have been CB, EMC and CCC Chinese certification, Song Yi has a vibrant marketing team and customer service team, actively expand domestic and foreign markets, marketing and customer service service network all over the domestic large and medium-sized city, the products are exported to Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and other places.

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